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  • July 29, 2020

    Schwab Launches New Community Services Program, Introduces Virtual Volunteering & Giving for Employees to Give Back, Stay Connected


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  • 无线通信技术各领风骚 智能家居统一标准没有必要 ...:2021-12-14 · 无线通讯协议是智能家居领域的关键技术,是连接设备、实现信息传输的通道,是实现智能产品之间互联互通互控与协同的“桥梁”。不过,目前智能家居市场标准未定,多种无线协议并存,主要的通讯协议有WiFi、Zigbee、蓝牙、Z-wave、Thread ...

    Schwab Announces the Appointment of Two New Board Members

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  • July 27, 2020

    COVID-19 Changes American Perspective on Wealth and Finances

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  • July 23, 2020

    Schwab Declares Common Stock Dividend and Declares Preferred Stock Dividends

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A little about Schwab

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    $4.11T total client assets*

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  • $484.9B all proprietary mutual funds and ETFs**

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* As of June 30, 2020. Updated on a monthly basis.
** As of June 30, 2020. Updated on a quarterly basis.

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Industry Recognition

Schwab continues to earn high praise for its heritage of innovation, modern wealth management capabilities, and customer service.

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    Charles Schwab scored "Highest in Investor Satisfaction with DIY Self-Directed Services" two years in a row. Schwab also achieved the highest score in Firm interaction; Account information; Commissions and fees; Product offerings; and Information resources.

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    Charles Schwab scored “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Wealth Management Mobile Apps” in the J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Wealth Management Mobile App Satisfaction Study. Schwab also scored highest in 'range of services'; and 'speed of screens loading'.

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    手机界的“望远镜”来了 重庆国美开启vivo X30系列新品预售-3C ...:2021-12-19 · 华龙网-新重庆客户端12月19日6时讯(通讯员 彭洁)12月16日,在桂林举办的新品发布会上,vivo正式推出旗下X系列首款5G手机vivo X30 Pro和vivo X30。国美也在当日宣布全渠道开启vivo X30系 …

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    Schwab ranked #2 overall in the 2020 Investor’s Business Daily “Best Online Brokers” Survey. Schwab ranked #1 in the following categories: 直击MWC:“5G+折叠屏”燃爆 中兴通讯站到“C位”-国际在线:2021-2-26 · 当地时间2月25日,世界移动通信大会(MWC)在西班牙巴塞罗那开幕。当日早间,记者抵达展馆,直击主要手机厂商新品发布会以及5G部署情况。华为、中兴、三星等手机厂商在会上展示了最新款的5G及折叠屏手机,此外,记者注意到,MWC期间

  • Schwab ranked #3 in "Best in Class" Overall in 2020 by StockBrokers.com. Schwab also ranked "Best in Class" in the following categories: Brokers for IRA Accounts, Discount Stock Brokers, Options Trading Platforms and Penny Stocks Trading categories.


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    Charles Schwab exists to help people achieve better financial outcomes for themselves and their families.

  • Careers@Schwab


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    Career opportunities at Schwab
  • Group of Schwab volunteers posing


    We're investing our resources where we can make the most difference in areas that align with our business.

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国内5G应用探索加速 毫米波仍等待商用_中证网:2021-3-20 · 因此5G毫米波被定位为高价值热点区域的覆盖解决方案,作为Sub-6GHz 广覆盖网络的补充。 而一开始就选用毫米波的美国,如今也开始着手Sub-6GHz的布局。

Charles Schwab received the highest numerical score in the DIY segment of the J.D. Power 2019-2020 U.S. Self-Directed Investor Satisfaction Studies of investors’ satisfaction who use self-directed investment firms. Visit jdpower.com/awards

Charles Schwab received the highest numerical score in a tie in the J.D. Power 2019 US Wealth Management Mobile App Satisfaction Study of customers’ satisfaction with their wealth management mobile app. Visit jdpower.com/awards

From FORTUNE Magazine, February 2020, ©2020 Fortune Media IP Limited. FORTUNE and The World’s Most Admired Companies are registered trademarks of Fortune Media IP Limited and are used under license. FORTUNE and Fortune Media IP Limited are not affiliated with, and do not endorse the products or services of, Charles Schwab.

From Investor's Business Daily, January 27 2020, ©2020 Investor's Business Daily, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission and protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States. The printing, copying, redistribution or retransmission of this Content without express written permission is prohibited. The ratings are based entirely on input of brokers' customers. IBD and polling partner TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence surveyed more than 4,000 investors, asking them to rate their primary online broker in the 15 performance categories. Ten online brokers were included in the analysis, and the top five brokers overall and in each category are recognized as Best Online Brokers award winners. For further information on how the ratings were calculated, see IBD's Criteria and Methodology. 

StockBrokers.com: "2020 Online Broker Review," published January 2020. Participation is required to be included. All broker participants were assessed on 236 different variables across eight core areas: Commissions & Fees, Customer Service, Platforms & Tools, Research, Ease of Use, Offering of Investments, Education, and Mobile Trading. All categories, with the exception of "Banking," are factored in to the overall ranking. Star ratings are out of five possible stars and are based on a calculation that combines the variable assessment with an opinion score from 1-10 with 10 "very good" in StockBrokers.com's opinion. A “Best in Class” designation means finishing in the top five brokers for that category. Industry Awards are awarded based on the opinions of StockBrokers.com's research team. Read our 2020 Review. For further information on how the ratings were calculated, see StockBrokers.com's "How We Test".


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